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NFG's Growing List of Book Recommendations

For growth-obsessed freaks like me. Or for anyone trying to disguise procrastination with self development. Whichever works for you.

Updated: June 7, 2020

Before heading on to the actual list, here are some ground rules and disclaimers I think you should know. Please read this first.

  1. This list will be updated from time to time. You can see the update stamp above.

  2. I have read everything in this list. I will not recommend something I’ve never read before.

  3. If you read books, please follow the Rule of 72: you have 72 hours to practice what you’ve read or else you will forget about it.

  4. There's no need to read a hundred books a year or even one book a month. I have built the habit of reading everyday since I was 4, so please do not compare your Day 1 with someone else’s Year 24. Reading is a skill that you can practice. Focus on the process of learning, not on the number of books you can read.

  5. These are all based on my personal preference. This is why it's my list of recommended books.

  6. There are a lot of free copies of these books online. But as much as possible, please support authors by buying their books so that they can produce even more of these treasures.

  7. Last but definitely not the least, please feel free to recommend books, too!

I hope this list encourages people to enter the fun and painful process of learning and growing.

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary. -Jim Rohn

Starter Pack

NFG's Personal Favorites



Note: These are for those who have at least tried dipping their toes in the markets, not for those who will just start.

Building Habits





Not sure how to categorize these...

Again, this list will be updated from time to time, so make sure to save the link to check updates. Or subscribe to never miss anything. Happy learning!

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